Campuses Are Complicated.

We provide modern indoor mapping solutions.

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    Our Platform

    Built with scale in mind.

    Map Editor

    A web-based interface to manage maps and amenities

    Web Dashboard

    Monitor user reports, usage, and more

    Mobile Apps

    iOS and Android apps custom built to campus needs

    Custom Mapping Solutions

    Built to make things simple.

    Security Focused Our granular role-based access control policies make sure that map data is filtered at the room and amenity level to ensure users only see what they need to.

    Built to scale Built on top of Amazon Web Services to ensure campus needs will be met, no matter the scale.

    End-to-end solutions Unlike other mapping solutions, we provide a full solution and service to campuses. We will convert or create digital maps of all campus buildings and do survey walkthroughs to catalog all campus amenities.

    Mobile Focused Design

    Built with daily users in mind

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