Map Editor

Web Interface

At the core of our system is our custom map management software. This management software is built natively as a web-based application meant to work in real time on top of Apple MapKit maps allowing for an accurate visualization of what users will see in the app.

All of the map data created by the Map Editor will be stored securely in our AWS databases which can then be updated in real time so that the app users will always have access to the latest version of the Maps. As these maps are created and updated, our drafting databases will track map versions to make sure previous map versions can be reloaded and temporary map updates can be easily reverted.

Easy To Use

Our highest priority with our Map Editor is usability. The map editor will be available to relevant campus administrators to be able to quickly and easily modify existing maps when situations arise, such as when amenities are out of order, room layouts change, or new amenities and features are added to existing spaces. Users will need minimal training and no knowledge of the underlying technical implementations of the Campus Atlas platform.